View Full Version : Kuidas saata PMi twoplustwos? Lahendatud.

10.02.10, 15:03
Ma ei tea kas ma olen pime või mis värk on, aga igatahes sellist võimalust ma kusagilt ei leia ???

10.02.10, 15:06
Sa oled tõesti pime.

Vajuta nime peale ja selgelt tuleb kiri "Send private message to ..."

10.02.10, 15:08
krt, mul ei tule, aint neli valikut on seal: view public profile, find more post by, find threads started by ja add to contacts

Äkki on mingi selline teema, et kõige algajamad ei saagi saata vms ? Mul on seal aint 2 posti vms :S

10.02.10, 15:08
minu arust seal pidi olema teatud arv poste tehtud, et saata saaks

10.02.10, 15:10
Suht positiivne :o

Mis ma pean siis spämmima hakkama seal, kui tahaks ühele vennale coachingu suhtes pmi saata ;D

Keegi teab seda postituste arvu ka?

Ise küsin ise vastan, ei teagi miks ma ennem FAQ ei uurinud ::)

Why can't I use private messages?
Because of concerns with high numbers of unsolicited private messages, we require that new members participate in the community before activating them. Normal use of the forums will automatically enable this feature.

While we can't disclose the exact requirements, please be assured they are easy to meet through normal participation. We have no wish to limit those who are new to 2+2 and only looking to be a part of the community. However, attacks from spammers exploiting the PM system needed to be addressed. Restricting private messages for unknown posters is currently the best method we have for dealing with the issue. Doing this also frees up valuable system resources for the rest of us who aren't here just to abuse the system.

If you need to contact a moderator or the administration before your PM box is enabled, please use posts or send us an e-mail.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Juhtum lahendatud :)