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Potato Pudding with apples or Rhubarb
1 kg potatoes
500 g apples or rhubarb
50-100 g butter
250 g sour cream (smetana)
1 bunch of parsley

Wash the potatoes and then boil until
tender. Once cooled down, peel the
potatoes and cut into thin slices. Wash
and chop the apples. Place potatoes and
rhubarb in a hot pot in layers. Sprinkle
some salt and chopped green herbs on
potatoes; you can drizzle some honey
on apples or rhubarb. Finally pour some
sour cream on the pudding and bake
it at 1000C for approximately 10-20
Good when served with pork dishes.
Should you decided to use rhubarb, the
quantity of sugar should be larger and
you should first mix the rhubarb with
sugar, allow to stand and then drain on a
sieve. Rhubarb is now ready for using.
Mushroom Patties

(serves 6)
600 g scalded mushrooms
400 g potatoes
2-3 eggs
75 g onion
50-100 g butter
100 g wheat flour or breadcrumbs
30-40 g sour cream (smetana)
100 g butter for frying
a dash of rosemary

Boil the potatoes and allow to cool.
Halve the peeled onions and cook in a
little water until half-tender. Use meat
grinder to mince the scalded mushrooms,
boiled onions and potatoes
twice. Beat egg yolks with butter, add
sour cream, wheat flour, salt and
rosemary to taste, finally adding egg
whites, beaten into strong foam. Mix
the mass very carefully. Use the mixture
to make patties, rolled in the remaining
wheat flour or breadcrumbs.
Fry on frying pan in butter until brown.
Serve with fresh vegetable salad and
cream sauce.
Carrot and Apple Salad with Tomato
Estonian national kitchen are Mulgi cabbages, and jellied meat, boiled from pork or veal and flavoured with spices.
In addition to meat, Estonians have always favoured fish. Fish friends do not let by the time in July-August to taste fired or grilled flounder. Delicious experiences are offered also by fresh hot smoked flounder, smoked small herring, bream and eel. From forest, self-picked mushrooms and berries find their way to the table of the Estonians. Marinated milk mushrooms or a salad from salted milk mushrooms with sour cream and onions you will find from the rich festive table, mushroom sauce (especially from golden yellow chanterelle) is yet beloved everyday meal of the Estonians. Every self-respectful farmhouse hostess has a store of self-made jams in her cellar. You can also often find self-made pickles and sour kraut and other preserves out of vegetables there.

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