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04.10.10, 20:20
Eile anti kõvasti tuld Full Tilt pokkeritoas, kus high stakes laudades madistasid omavahel durrrr ja põhjanaaber Ziigmund. $1.2 miljonit kaotas Ziigmund $500/$1000 PLO mängudes durrrr-le, millega kokku näitas Dwan võimsat $1,5 miljoni dollari suurust päevateenistust. Mõned põnevamad* käed: Ziigmund floppab top kaks paari, mis ei pea durrrr-i drawle vastu, kaotades $416 000 poti. Ziigmund teeb [...]

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04.10.10, 22:39
zigggi blogist :biggrin::

y0.Its a really long time from last entry.I was playing Million Dollar Cash game and I came back home and then went back to London and now Im back again.

I won after MDCG in internet from Cole South like 800k...and when I came to home I won 800k more....and from ring games 400k so It was like 2 million upswing in 1 week.I left back to London and played there EWSOP Highroller heads-up where I won first two matches---Scott Mountgomery and Mike Matusow....then I lost for Huck Seed my third match...I was like 20 minutes late and there was gone small piece of my stack....but anyway....I played at same night internet and lost for Durrrr 500 1000 plo and some other games...I totally lost million so I was so fcuked up I left back home...At Home I met my friends and we partied little bit and I was in lifetilt so I played in drunk and played in sober and lost another million in few days...So I came down 2 million in 1 week...I still have had good time lately hanging out with my friends.. and actually I have won last two days ok...so im fine.Just now Im little bit ill so lets hope Im back in business soon....I m not sure what is my next pokertrip but lets see....everything cool.

GL everybody

04.10.10, 22:54
Ei imesta, sest see 5bet käsi tundus küll kahtlane juba :)