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PokkeriProde Nuhk
03.09.11, 04:03
Hey, so august was a semi-break summer month also. And i know you dont wanna read about another players life story what he did in August 2011 bla-bla lol. Online poker conclusion i think i made a some small profit 700$ or so with little over 1k+ games but im not sure tho lol. My [...]

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PokkeriProde Nuhk
06.09.11, 23:10
Good afternoon reader ! I thought to myself a new schedule which i will try to follow (for now) in September and see how can i keep my pace up. This means that i arrange my time by weeks and every week i have to: * 100+ Games(Sng/MTT) / Or over 5 hours+ playing = [...]

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PokkeriProde Nuhk
25.09.11, 08:20
Hey people, * so turned 21 today. Had my “birthday” party held yesterday already. Why yesterday ?? Cause the theme of the event was *Funeral* Dress code – Black. It was hilarious even the priest and an angel were there, we sord of sent away the 20 and greeted new 21. It was soooo coool, [...]

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PokkeriProde Nuhk
09.10.11, 23:10
Hey, yea that bastard is me. I´m totally surprised to see that we have hit a new record again for September – Most Unique Visits @ Erit.Eu. I only made 3 posts ? And still, haha.. its great. And its also the biggest gain per month ! Amazing Anyway .. I dont really have time [...]

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10.10.11, 07:29
mis businessi sõbraga ajate?

10.10.11, 09:26
Eesti pokkeriblogidest üks huvitavaim imo.

10.10.11, 09:50
nõus. võiks tihedamini kirjutada obv :P

10.10.11, 10:53
Inactive on solidim.

Madis Very
10.10.11, 16:42
Thank you,

kuid asi veel ei tööta seega pole mõtet avalikustada.
Kunagi ma naersin, et mis mõttes pole aega blogisse kirjutada. Nüüd on reaalsus kohale jõudnud ja lihtsalt pole aega, kuid loodan oma väheste postitega lugejatele midagi huvitavat vähemalt pakkuda ja seega ei hakka oma aa vs 23o kaotatud bubbledeks jäämisest ka mõttetuid poste tegema :D.

10.10.11, 20:48
kirjuta parem AA vs A2o bubble, vs 23o on standard ju

btw kui saladus pole, kus tallinnas pesitsed?

Madis Very
10.10.11, 21:58
Üsnagi lähedale sikupillile :)

PokkeriProde Nuhk
15.11.11, 00:30
Ok, enough of scammers. Life epic rules readers, im thinking about a longer post in near future (before end of the month atleast lol). Anyway im living, im doing well, i love life and have some cool accomplishments from past weeks. Just letting u know that im still breathing Hint – twitter gadget just right [...]

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PokkeriProde Nuhk
24.12.11, 10:10
Hello (after 40 days or so ), *Keep with me and in the end i wish u have picked up atleast 1 tip from this normal blog post* i´ve become the very least person i don´t like (false promises@blog ). As i said in my previous post i will update soon but yea… didnt happen [...]

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