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    Durrrr challenge

    Internetipokkeri geenius Tom "Durrrr" Dwan esitas Kõikidele maailma pokkerimängijatele väljakutse: tema paneb 1,5 miljonit taala vastase 500 000.-$ vastu HU cashis. Mäng peab toimuma korraga 4 lauas ja kestab 50 000 kätt. HL holdem või Omaha Hi. Kui viimane käsi on mängitud, saab hetkel plussis olev mängija kogu juba võidetud raha ja lisaks siis teiselt veel 1,5 milj. või 500 000, olenevalt võitjast.

    Esimene julge oli Patrik Antonius, kes väljakutse vastu võttis ja action käib Full Tildis.

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    Re: Durrrr challenge

    durr enda võidus nii kindel? kui ta kaotab siis annab 1,5 milli . hull vennike ikka

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    Re: Durrrr challenge

    Durr oli vahepeal juba 200k$ plussis, ma ei imesta, kui see graafik vahepeal üle miljoni ühele või teisele poolele kõigub.
    Kahjuks ise Omahat nii kiiresti ei jaga, et oleks huvitav jälgida.

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    Vana Tegija
    Oct 2008
    1 458

    Re: Durrrr challenge

    ulme mees, läheb bustoks veel:D

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    Klubi Liige
    Oct 2008
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    Re: Durrrr challenge

    2+2 teema ka selle kohta ülihea. Postitaisn siia kuhugi selle ülevaate ka vendadest kes saaksid:

    Originally Posted by SanderJonez View Post
    no offense to anyone but this isn't a challenge any pro is willing to take. the only people that should be playing durrr are the ones that are physically willing am to burn a million dollars in real money for their own sick pleasure. durrr is a sicko, period. kid has no fear of losing money, this is a quality that other HSNLers lack. That's the QUALITY needed to be a true nose bleeder. I've read all these blogs and it really seems like a lot of hsnler's are literally too intelligent to succeed at the really high level. You have to have no care for money at all to even compete with durrr in this challenge. So, my list would consist of LARS LUZAK, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey. There simply isn't anyone else that I could imagine adding to this list. Like I said, if you can't lose 500k and wake up the next morning like nothing happened, then playing someone like durrr or even those insane stakes is a terrible idea. Literally, NEVER go into those games unless you're willing to burn 1 million US dollars for your own sick pleasure.(obv not trying to get you to burn a 1 million dollars but you get the idea). And I have nothing against anyone that can't deal with the swings at that level, I'm simply giving my input here.

    Also, durrr would probably enjoy playing ANYONE, including his "close" friends out of his own sick pleasure. The only reason he said he wouldn't play OMGclayaiken is because he plays like a turtle that takes 5 minutes to make decisions in every hand. Durrr would rather go to the dentist than play someone like that.

    The dang brothers are good, but like a lot of other HSNLer's, they're too intelligent to put themselves through the pain durrr/antonius do. They always try to reduce their variance and try to avoid gambles. So I don't even think they would consider taking this challenge, ALTHOUGH they DO have a very good chance(either of them) vs durrr. They are probably the best but they are just very cautious and would not risk this amount of money against durrr.

    Lars-Luzak, is simply a european legend that's been through crazy ups and downs at the high stake level. He enjoys a cigarette every once in a while so you can only imagine what his personality is like. Pain, pain, pain, that's all this character is thinking about. Definitely would be exciting seeing him play durrr, but I also don't think he would want to risk this amount of money in a challenge against durrr. No offense to lars, but I think one of the dang brothers would have a better shot from a theory standpoint. I feel as if, lars has what it takes as far as dealing with the swings, bankroll, but is not anywhere near durrr's level in terms of theory(thanks to 2+2).

    Patrik Antonius against durrr would be an "even" match IMO. Both players are solid and they both enjoy gambling. The one characteristic that differentiates Patrik and Phil are their gamble inside them. Patrik is more disciplined than Phil Ivey thus making him less exploitable in certain spots. Phil Ivey has a lot of gamble in him and is willing to push very small edges. Now the question in mind is, is a player like Phil Ivey or Patrik antonius physically capable of playing 4 tables at once vs an internet legend? Playing 4 tables against someone turns the game of poker into a video game, as opposed to 1 tabling where you get fewer hands, etc. Durrr will have a huge edge against Patrik or Phil due to the nature of 4 tabling, which is something they are inexperienced doing especially against one opponent.(i highly doubt these guys have ever played 4 tables of heads up vs the same opponent.)

    As far as most 2+2er's, whom I care dearly for, I really think there's this mindset that a lot of successful 2+2er's have. Everyone wants to be happy all the time, and that's something really hard to achieve, especially at the nose bleed level. At the nose bleed level, you can lose 200-300k and never get a chance to get the money back for a couple of days. This is a huge pain to swallow for many HSNLer's. A lot of them have their family members reading their blogs, etc, which is like going to be strange when they say things like "well I lost 200k and I don't know if someone will even give me a chance to play again". They would be happier if they stuck to 25/50 where they could be like "hey I made 30k today, but I lost 10k yesterday, but I'm still up 20k!". The reality of those nose bleed stakes is that you literally have to have no regard for money. Does Durrr even have a blog? I don't think he does.

    The whole blogging thing is really cool, and I really do enjoy reading blogs because a lot of poker players are amazingly smart people. It's just, when you're talking in figures of 200-400k in 1 night, and it really hurts you emotionally, then you're just causing too much pain to those who care for you.

    I think, anyone that is capable of being hurt by this loss, is automatically not on my list. That will basically leave... Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and Lars. No one else is capable of handling the variance in those games. Honestly, durrr's edge is magnified by the fact that there's so much scared money in those games.

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